Wickens on IndyCar: “I’m having to reprogram my head”


Schmidt Peterson Motorsports-Honda’s Robert Wickens has admitted he’s having to adapt his driving style to the IndyCar as he attempts to extract the most pace from new tires.
The Canadian, who has won in Atlantics, GP3 and was champion in Formula Renault 3.5, has said his mental switch back to open-wheel racing is not yet complete.

Despite having arguably the best junior open-wheel record of any North American export to Europe in the past several decades, Wickens says his six years in the DTM championship means the cockpit of an IndyCar still feels initially unfamiliar.

“It’s definitely starting to come back,” he told Motorsport.com, “but the first run each session feels a little weird – like it’s not yet my ‘home’.

“But I’m getting there. Like, the first test I did in December, I felt like that all morning, but in yesterday’s test that feeling lasted just for the initial run and then I got settled in.

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